Decision support tools are software applications that help analysts make sense of a data-rich electronic environment. These tools analyze and fuse streaming data from heterogeneous sensors to enable rapid decision-making to ensure successful mission operations.

Vadum has developed a number of streaming analytics solutions to perform real-time information analysis for tactical applications. Featuring a flexible software architecture for execution on small standalone to distributed platforms, the solutions unlock the potential of data to bring knowledge to the warfighter.


Real-time EW battle damage assessment


Improved RF spectral situational awareness

Spectral Situation

Mission plan impact mitigation



  • Modeling and simulation of behavioral characteristics of RF emitters
  • Machine learning-derived models of threat behavior
  • Explainable machine learning algorithms for state estimation


  • High-throughput streaming data analysis from heterogeneous sensors
  • Data-driven estimates provided with confidence bounds
  • Multi-platform analytics scalability

FIREHOSE – High Throughput Streaming Software Framework
  • Streaming analytics on high-throughput, high-volume data
  • Multi-rate heterogeneous data ingest capability
  • Fully concurrent, multi-rate, real-time AI/ML and decision support
  • 3rd party and visualization plug-and-play
  • Horizontally and vertically scalable architecture
  • Multiple publish / subscribe backend compatibility