Multi-shot Robotic EOD

MRED delivers the power and versatility of eight 12-gauge disrupters in one light-weight remotely controlled tool, perfect for medium and large robots.

MRED Capabilities:
  • Up to 8 cartridges can be stored in magazine
  • Select any shot, in any order, while robot is down-range
  • Robot remains down-range between shots
  • Water injects and is sealed in the barrel remotely
  • Reduces mission time and preserves robot battery life
  • Reduces recoil stress on robot platforms, reducing potential for robot damage
  • Temperature tested from -25F to  +135F
MRED Features:
  • Uses standard EOD 12-gauge cartridges
  • Up to eight shots, seven water shots, or any combination
  • Unique on-target water filling mechanism
  • Full remote control of shot loading, reloading, and water injection
  • Unique technology allows robotic cartridge extraction
  • Laser aiming allows precision disruption
  • No counter-shot mass or recoil debris
  • Extended-life, low maintenance firing pin
  • Unique striker mechanism minimizes pierced primers, blow-back, and misfires
Compatible with all standard 12-gauge EOD ammunition

  • AVON Slug

  • Aluminum Slug

  • Steel Slug

  • High Velocity Lead Slug

  • Ultra Velocity Lead Slug

  • E-Blank / BK110

  • Black Powder Blank / BK40

  • High Velocity Blank / BK90

  • Popper Blank / BK20

Water Resevoir, Water Shot Adapter, Seal Plug, Bore Sight Laser

Disrupter Control Unit