Our History

Founded in 2004, Vadum has built a brand known for practical innovation that delivers solutions to customers in the competitive field of national defense research and development. Vadum started in the national defense market developing test and measurement, countermeasures, and simulation tools to support the counter remote-controlled improvised explosive device focus of the US DoD from 2004-2010. Vadum has continuously grown to tackle larger and more complex defense challenges in a range of mission areas such as electronic warfare, explosive ordnance disposal, and missile defense. Continuing to expand its reach, Vadum is now at the leading edge of many advanced technology development programs to improve the performance of tactical aircraft, ballistic missile radar, and custom RF sensors.

What We Do

Vadum’s expertise is bringing concepts to life in the form of products or prototypes to address challenging national defense problems. The Vadum team has a wide range of deep operational and technical expertise to develop concepts that work in conjunction with legacy capabilities or create new capabilities. Vadum experts in electronics, mechanical, and software systems design deliver high-impact, high-value solutions to electronic warfare, explosive ordnance disposal, ballistic missile defense, joint warfare, and soldier protection applications. Vadum has honed the edge of a technology development process that achieves difficult objectives time and time again, taking on programs that many competitors would avoid.

Our Team

Tomorrow’s Solutions Today


Vadum represents a true multi-disciplinary group of engineers and scientists with backgrounds in RF system and component design, electromechanical systems, and application areas from medical devices to telecommunications and radar. Working in a technology space defined by DC to daylight, our hardware team creates full custom electronic and mechanical products that push the limits of technical feasibility by exploiting physical phenomena and squeezing performance out of limited resources in size, weight, and power.


Software drives the modern world, turning hardware concepts into products and solutions.  Vadum’s software development team adds breadth and depth to the our hardware solutions and makes the insights from our algorithms accessible and meaningful to our customers. From low-power microcontrollers to networked enterprise systems, Vadum software puts complex sensor systems and data analytics within reach of operators and decision maker.


Analytics is not just a buzzword at Vadum.  Vadum’s algorithm team combines deep domain knowledge with state-of-the-art processing techniques to unlock new capabilities in hardware and sensor systems.  Our solutions bring machine learning and high-speed signal processing to the tactical front line. Vadum’s algorithm team has delivered leading-edge analytic techniques, real-time online learning, and advanced decision-aid solutions into applications constrained by operational sensor systems and aggressive tactical engagement timelines.