Modeling & Characterization Of Nonlinear RF And Microwave Systems

by Aaron Walker, PhD       Vadum Founder and Chief Technology Officer

Modeling and characterization strategies were developed to capture the complex nonlinear behavior of both the components within an RF circuit and within an assembled system. Metrology techniques using common laboratory instrumentation were developed for the remote characterization of assembled RF devices and the result of this characterization is presented here for the first time. 

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Microwave and Rf Design: A Systems Approach

by Michael Steer, PhD      North Carolina State University

This treatment of radio frequency and microwave engineering provides the tools for engineers to work with modern radio, radar and sensor systems. Advanced components and design techniques are presented, along with a thoroughly modern treatment of traditional microwave theory and techniques.

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The Handbook of Financing Growth

The Handbook of Financing Growth, Second Edition is a comprehensive guide for emerging growth and middle market companies, and their leaders and advisors, on financing strategies, sources and transactions.  Written by practitioners and updated in full, this valuable resource presents the tools needed to analyze and determine the financing strategy with a holistic approach in the context of the overall strategic plan. This Second Edition includes a detailed discussion of positioning the business for value creation before the transaction and how the financing strategy fits into the overall plan for growing, raising capital or creating an exit.  The authors also address buyouts and recapitalization as two alternatives to create shareholder liquidity and potentially finance future growth, and provide a new chapter on M&A. Financing types and funding sources are reviewed, and new case studies highlight financing alternatives and growth equity.

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A vector intermodulation analyzer applied to behavioral modeling of nonlinear amplifiers with memory

by A. Walker.; M. Steer.; K.G. Gard

A large signal vector intermodulation network analyzer with a dynamic range of 90 dB and phase resolution of better than 2° is reported. The analyzer is used in conjunction with a multislice behavioral model to characterize memory effects in three different RF power amplifiers: an MOSFET instrumentation amplifier, a multistage GaAs/silicon-based broadband microwave integrated-circuit amplifier, and an SiGe HBT monolithic-microwave integrated-circuit amplifier. The multislice behavioral model architecture builds on conventional single-tone AM-AM and AM-PM modeling extended to capture long-term memory effects that are characterized by asymmetric intermodulation distortion (IMD). Phase asymmetries of upper and lower IMD are captured. A systematic procedure for extracting the model is presented.

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