Modeling and Simulation of Electronic Warfare Systems

At Vadum, we have developed a sophisticated modeling and simulation system that accurately reflects the design/details of an electronic warfare (EW) system.  Modern EW systems are designed to operate in a low probability of detection, low probability of intercept and high interference environment.  Validating technology and methods for  war-fighters requires a high fidelity, physics-based test environment that accurately represents the RF propagation domain, time domain behavior, precise electronic attack techniques, and physical layer functionality of both EW equipment and threats.

The Digital Test Bed (DTB) provides this environment by performing waveform level estimation of the effectiveness of EW equipment, supporting R&D, acquisition, testing, system engineering, and tactics, techniques and procedures.  Beyond the virtual environment, the DTB readily integrates the hardware-in-the loop systems for real-time force training or simulations where regulatory restrictions preclude open air testing.   The digital Test Bed manages complex, modern EW hardware simulations spanning the full equipment life cycle.

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